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County Commissioners Meeting - Feb 3

Proposed Changes to the ETZ - ETA - (update 1/22/07)

State Legislation - HB0349 (ETZ Authority - Albuq - Bernalillo Co.)

Flood Task Force - Report

Regional Land Management - Community Response
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The North Valley Neighborhood Association (NVNA) is comprised of concerned, active citizens who live in the Mesilla Valley of the Rio Grande River in southern New Mexico, USA. We live just north of the City of Las Cruces—the second largest city in New Mexico.

Growth and Your Future:

The Association understands that we live in an area that is attracting many new residents and we realize that this growth is probably inevitable. We believe that both long and short range planning can be effective tools for creating “smart growth.” Smart growth begins with looking at available resources and needed infrastructure. In any area of expanding population we must look at the impact of population on the fresh water supply, the treatment of water, the roadways and the schools. We also know of the problems caused by a desert climate with sudden heavy rains that bring flooding and destruction of homes and roads. Residential developments must take these factors into consideration from the initial planning stages in order to minimize damages for existing residents and to the environment. We believe that these are “quality of life” issues which can be addressed through “smart growth” and smart planning.

Effecting Our Future:

To this point, we have had some success in “fighting City Hall” when ill-conceived development proposals were made and the City attempted to annex county land. We have worked with the County Commissioners and other local Associations of concerned citizens in this—and so far our concerted efforts have been effective.

Making A Neighborhood:

These efforts to “fight City Hall” have brought our community together in ways we had never envisioned. It has enabled us to focus on those things that truly create a “community of neighbors.” The North Valley Neighborhood Association offers its members, and the community at large, the opportunity to participate in activities such as a non-partisan political candidate forum, specific targeted charity programs and drives, idea and resource sharing opportunities via a membership website—and other communal activities yet to come. Our opportunities to work together are limitless, and the NVNA as an Association of concerned citizens for smart growth will enhance those opportunities or our special region in “The Land of Enchantment”



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