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Candidate Forum (review page)

On Saturday afternoon October 28, 2006, the North Valley Neighborhood Association (NVNA) sponsored a Candidates Forum conducted at the Doña Ana Volunteer Fire Station in Dona Ana, New Mexico. The purpose of this community event was to give six candidates running for representative offices the opportunity to meet with the public and respond to questions posed by the audience. These questions dealt exclusively with matters of local concern

This Candidate’s Forum was the first endeavor of the NVNA to conduct a community interest project. The Forum was a success beyond our best hopes! Nearly sixty (60) people came to this public meeting on a gorgeous fall afternoon. The Candidates were uniformly appreciative of the opportunity to meet with concerned citizens. Candidates from other races also made appearances and were introduced. Refreshments were provided by local businesses, and the leftovers were donated to the Dona Ana Volunteer Fire Station in appreciation for use of their facilities.

Stop the Annexation (annexation page)

The NVNA was originally founded to stop the City of Las Cruces from annexing land in Doña Ana County and turning it over for “high density’ residential development.

Thus far the Association has met with some success in this effort. The city has directed the developer to redo and resubmit his annexation plan. We will continue to monitor the City’s annexation/development efforts. However, we will also capitalize on the sense of our community and sponsor public events.

Public Events

We have targeted a variety of specific charity drives and programs that we feel we can actively participate in while maintaining our efforts to stop the annexation. We will be doing a toy drive . . . . and . . . . We have become more involved in School District decisions by participating in the school Parent Advisory Councils and in Doña Ana County land use issues that affect our community.

Doña Ana County Flood Task Force (flood taskforce page)

We have several NVNA members who are on a County “Task Force” appointed to examine control of residential development in potentially flood prone arroyos in our desert environment. Several members of your Neighborhood Association are participating in this Doña Ana County “Flood Task Force”.

On Tuesday, November 14 at 6:30 P.M., Cliff Terry will present the Task Force findings in the County Government Bldg on Motel Blvd. The Task Force presentation includes a formula that would limit development and density around arroyos based on the amount of water and velocity of flow.

Because of the participation of NVNA on this task force, Mr. Terry has chosen the Thurston Vista Rancho development as an example for how the Task Force recommendations should be implemented. These recommendations include more holding ponds, parks, walking trail
and a minimum lot size of 3/4 acres.

We will keep you informed about this subject of importance to your Association.

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