Who Are We?

The North Valley Neighborhood Association (NVNA) is a voluntary organization founded in 2006 specifically to foster “SMART GROWTH” in that part of Doña Ana County, New Mexico that is immediately North of the City Limits of Las Cruces.

In a few short months, we grew from the Board nucleus to a current membership of about 200 people. Our E-mailing list has over 120 addresses; in addition there are some 60 members’ names, addresses and phone numbers on whom we can call for support.

This is who we are: A volunteer group of concerned citizens who are working for the best solutions for the inevitable growth and development of the “North Valley” above Las Cruces. We have also grown into a neighborhood of friends.

What brought us together is our immediate concern and goal to “Stop the Annexation” of the area described and depicted on our home page. This residential development project is certainly not “Smart Growth” under the guidance of the City of Las Cruces. It is a blatant effort by the Developer and the City Administration to circumvent the regular residential development requirements of the County of Doña Ana. We believe it will negatively impact the area school system, the road network and traffic needs, flood drainage and a host of other factors degrading the “quality of life” of current and future residents of the area.

We have met with the Las Cruces City Council and the Doña Ana Board of Commissioners to present our views. In each case we were supported by a very large number of our members and other supporters of our effort to sustain “Smart Growth” in the County. Our petition drive netted over 2000 signatures from city and county residents in support of our efforts. We are active and we get results from our actions. We are in active contact with these Governmental bodies and our current project has brought about the formation of “Action Committees” as follows:

Developer Relations Committee to meet with the developer to determine the best “Smart Growth” approach to this proposed project;

Political Committee whose responsibility it is to keep our City, County and State officials aware of our concerns;

Public Relations Committee to communicate our goals and activities to the Media and our Membership via “Newsletters” and “Web Bulletins;

Schools Committee to communicate our concerns to the School Board to ensure the best educational environment for our children

The NVNA is registered as required by regulations for such voluntary organizations. We have a Board composed of a President, Vice-president, Secretary and a Treasurer, as well as a set of bylaws.

We are looking for people like you who have similar concerns that would like to join our organization or participate with our organization to address our and your current and future concerns. You have skills and interests that are valuable to our efforts and we need your Help!

Join us by downloading the membership form and sending it in as directed. Remember, we are volunteers and there is no dollar cost for becoming a member of the North Valley Neighborhood Association. However, funds received are used to support our work. You are welcome to sign up for a specific committee(s) that interests you, or attend meetings to provide your input, or just help out where you can with individual activities.

Thank you for reading about us!
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