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Museum Exhibits
1987 - 1989


Working as a contractor allowed me to do a greater range of planning and design work for museums in California. I did facility planning, master planning, exhibit planning, graphics design and printing. I also spent more time on fine arts painting and decided to do that full time in 1989.

During this time I planned, designed and supervised the fabrication of indoor and outdoor interpretive exhibits for museum and land management agencies. I also designed, prepared and printed brochures, maps and promotional graphics for multiple clients.

Key accomplishments:

Created a master plan, site design, exhibit plan and interior design scale model, with a focus on natural history and agriculture, for the Great Valley Museum - Modesto Junior College - Modesto CA

Scale model of part of the interior
of the Great Valley Museum







Presented training sessions on exhibit planning and interactive exhibits at the Exhibit and Graphics Design Workshop for museum professionals and land management agency field personnel under the sponsorship of the East Bay Regional Park District and the Natural Science for Youth Foundation

Designed, prepared and supervised the printing of 30 individual park
trail guide brochures for the East Bay Regional Park District CA

(see my resume for details and major accomplishments)