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Multimedia Demos

The examples here are demonstrations of multimedia that I have developed in Macromedia Director and Flash. The first two were designed to run "in gallery" on a hard drive or for cd distribution. They were developed to show an exhibit team the possible uses of in-gallery touch screen panels imbedded in exhibits and integrated into other learning experiences. They are both prototypes and not final products. The examples here have been modified for web delivery.

I created the last three multimedia examples for presentation on my web site.

Lettuce Cycle

A short narrated slide show about lettuce farming in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico.
(best with broadband - 2.8 megs)


(information regarding copyright)

(requires shockwave 8.5 player)







Rio Grande Introduction

Part of a narrated media introduction to water and farming in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Developed as a prototype for The Inside Story of the Roadside View exhibit, at the Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum.

(not completed or used)

(requires shockwave 8.5 player)

Meadow Painting Rhythm Animation

This animation done in Flash explores the elements of a painting that create visual rhythm and path of the eye through the composition.

(requires flash 6 player)

Historical Family Photo Album

I created this album of historic family photographs in Flash so that what I recall of family stories about times and places can be shared with others in the family.

historic photo album image
(requires flash 6 player)

Orientation - An Exploration

This short interactive animation lets you explore the language of orientation using one pastel drawing that can hang in four orientations.

(requires flash 6 player)


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