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Museum Career - Summary

1963 - Sacramento Jr. Museum - While studying for my degree in Park Management I started working as the Curator of Biological Sciences. I gave tours and lectures, taught classes, took care of live animals, designed and fabricated exhibits. After nearly five years at the museum I had the good fortune to move to the Bay Area to build a new museum.

1968 - Oakland Museum - This new museum consolidated three older museums into one building to create the museum of California art, history and natural sciences. I started on a contract and soon was hired as the preparator for the natural sciences department. My focus was exhibit fabrication and design for the next 14 years. It was a rare opportunity to be part of creating a world class natural history museum.

1980 - East Bay Regional Park District - As Chief Preparator for the park district I was able to combine my experience with museum exhibits and my training in park management. The Exhibit Lab developed park visitor centers and exhibits for EBRPD and worked closely with the naturalist staff to create learning experiences - including publications. I managed the Exhibit Lab for about six years.

1987 - Museum Exhibits - Working as a contractor allowed me to do a greater range of planning and design work for museums in California. I did facility planning, master planning, exhibit planning, graphics design and printing. I also spent more time on fine arts painting and decided to do that full time in 1989.

1998 - Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum - I returned to museum work as the Exhibit Designer for this new museum being developed by the Office of Cultural Affairs, State of New Mexico. I designed exhibits, produced graphics, managed in-house and contracted exhibit projects and was part of the interpretive planning team. I left in December 2002 and returned to making art full time.

2006-2007 - City of Las Cruces Museum System - I returned once again to museum work as the Exhibits Technician for the museum system in early 2006. I installed the "Rocketland Exhibit" at the Branigan Cultural Center, created floor plan and elevation drawings for the exhibit spaces at the BCC, and managed the museum system web site. I resigned from that position because of a previous back injury that was aggravated by doing some of the work. In September 2006 I returned to part-time work for the museum system on a personal services contract. I prepared the working drawings for converting the BCC exhibit spaces for the King Tut Exhibition, prepared the interior graphics and photographs and assisted with installation. I will continue working for the museum system on an as needed basis. In 2007 I worked as a contract exhibit designer and graphic artist for the Las Cruces: Crossroads of History Exhibit. The permanent exhibit was installed in the Branigan Cultural Center in Las Cruces. (part of the Las Cruces Museum System).


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