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Rainbow Colored Carrots

A laboratory at Texas A&M University is stocked this week with thousands of orange, red, yellow and Aggie maroon carrots — each of which contains plant compounds that benefit human health.


The World Carrot Museum

Carrot Museum dedicated to all aspects of the Carrots, including the history, nutrition, cultivation, good recipes and craft items, also trivia, jokes and puzzles and activities. Everything you need to know about the humble carrot is here.



YİĞİT FOODS +90 324 233 06 99 MERSIN - TURKEY

Web site of a company in Turkey that grows and distributes black carrots - apparently they are the ancient variety.


seeds_carrots.pdf [pdf]

Thomas Etty Heirloom Seed Supplier - UK

Offers an ancient Black Spanish Carrot from Spain


Purple Carrots - Heirloom Plants & Gardens Forum - GardenWeb

This forum is meant for the discussion of heirloom plants, those that have been in cultivation for many years, as well as heirloom gardens.

Link is to an archived discussion on the listserver.