Many, but not all of these independent seed companies have signed the Safe Seed Pledge

Abundant Life Seeds - A small grower in Oregon, dedicated to seed security

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, based in Missouri. - They sell only heirloom varieties. Their selection of seeds is great and their catalog has news stories related to GMOs.

Botanical Interests - Unusual varieties, some good mixes suited to smaller gardens, excellent botanical art No catalog. Get seeds online or in local stores.

Bountiful Gardens - In addition to a vast collection of heirloom vegetables, they also have some grains that are hard to find including grains without hulls, cover crops,
and the widger tool for transplanting. Intensive garden books have good
strategies for growing a lot of food in community garden plots.

Brent and Becky's Bulbs - Excellent selection of quality bulbs


Companion Plants - A gold mine for aromatic, culinary or medicinal herbs

Comstock, Ferre - claims to be the oldest (1820)continuously operating seed company in the U.S. They developed the Wethersfield Red onion but are now just a distributor with a really nice retail store.

The Cook's Garden

Evergreen - All sorts of Asian seeds. Good resource for fall cool weather garden seeds. No catalog. Order online.
Multilingual dictionary of vegetable names. link


Fragrant Path Seed Co - Seeds for fragrant, rare and old-fashioned plants

F.W. Shumacher - They sell only seeds for trees and shrubs

Graines Baumaux-France - Great European seed resource. Also has interesting flower mixes. Website in French

Harris Seeds

High Mowing Seeds - We are dedicated to organic seeds like no other company in the U.S. We have the highest organic integrity and attention to professional, high-quality seeds and service.

Hungnong-Korean - They were bought by Seminis. What some people are doing is buying from them one last time and saving seed of op seeds or only getting items which can't
be found at more sustainable places.



King Seeds (Aust/NZ)

Kitazawa Seed (best Asian seedselection, very reliable)

Kitchen Garden Seeds - John Scheepers - Focusing on seeds for vegetables and flowers appropriate for the kitchen garden.Web and catalog - Based in Connecticut

Landreth - They have interesting heirloom items. The company is so old that every U S president from Washington to Roosevelt ordered from them.

Meyer Seeds - Have a lot of different kinds of beans.some seed coated with toxic chemicals

Monticello - Heirloom seeds including the sorts of plants that Jefferson grew orintroduced.

Native Seeds SEARCH - not a "seed supplier" but you can get southwestU.S. and Mexico regional seeds from them and hopefully maintain your ownseed source.

New England Seed - relatively new. Focuses on commercialgrowers to some degree. Donates all of their leftovers at the end ofeach growing season.

New Gippsland Seeds - (Australia)

New Hope Seed - All of the seed offered is grown and produced here on their own farm.

Nichols - They have a good variety of hard to find seeds plus books, cheesemaking,sourdough, wine and beer making items for people who want to create more of their own food.

Organic Gardening Catalogue - (UK)

Park Seed

Path to Freedom

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply

Pinetree Seeds

Plants of the Southwest

Renee's Seed - Used to be Shepherd's seeds. Now even more great seeds. Nice botanicalart.No print catalog. Get seeds online or at a local retailer

Richters Herbs - The greatest variety of culinary, medicinal, dye, and multi-use herbs.

Ronnigers - best source for potatoes and garlic, also provide onions and sun chocks

Sand Hill Preservation - You might remember Glenn Drowns as the teen in the Seed Savers literaturewho collected heirloom squash. He still has a lot and many other types ofheirloom vegetables.

Seeds from Italy - Over 350 kinds of Italian seeds, mostly from Franchi Sementi.

Seeds of Change Good variety of heirloom seeds.

Seed Savers Exchange

Select - (Swiss)S.C. Foundation Seed AssociationDr. David Bradshaw, S.C. Foundation Seed Association(864) 656-2520. Recently retired, Dr. Bradshaw has been gathering and sustaining historic varieties for 2 decades at Clemson U. Great resource!

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange - real friends for Southerngardeners

Stokes Seed


Territorial Seeds

The Natural Gardening Company - The first organic certified garden supply company - California

Thompson and Morgan-UK

Tomato Growers Supply - Five hundred varieties of tomatoes, peppers and eggplant

Totally Tomato

Unwins-UK - The owner is especially fond of large produce that tastes good and producesprize winning vegetables. They are also famous for their sweet pea flowers.

Vermont Bean - An amazingly diverse collection of beans.

Veseys Seed

Victory Seeds
Quisenberry/Sudduth strain of Brandyine

West Coast Seeds

William Dam Seeds

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