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Jericho Lettuce and young leeks with bush beans

Mature leeks and bulbing onions - some blooming Jericho lettuce following shelling peas Ruben's Red Romaine lettuce and breakfast radishes
Broccoli with a Salad Bowl lettuce understory  French Sorrel, Salad Burnet and Chamomile Perpetual Spinach Chard interplanted with shelling peas Tuscan Kale and young Hamburg Parsely Root
View of two covered beds from the roof. Hoop covering 16' wide by 24' long
View of two covered beds for ground level. The wall bed is 8' wide and 20' long

Photographs all taken early in the morning on May 12, 2004.

Some garden beds are not shown in this photo series.

French Sorrel (blooming-left), Salad Burnet (center) and Chamomile (right) all get afternoon shade from the stone wall.
Flowers on the back deck