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Harvest of Freedom: The History of Kitchen Gardening in America

An online exhibit by the Albert R. Mann Library at Cornell University. Ends with the Victory Gardens during WWII.


Web Sites: - part of the "garden web". No content, but a useful place from which to link to content sites.

Walled Kitchen Gardens Network.

Walled kitchen gardens are an important part of our history, yet are now largely neglected and little understood. In the last century, most large country houses had a walled kitchen garden. They were highly productive places: food, herbs and flowers for the family, staff and guests of the big house. They were like an early version of supermarkets. Nowadays, our food system is global. Food is flown in from far away, which is widely regarded as unsustainable. Walled kitchen gardens succeeded in growing this food at home, all-year-round. By developing techniques and technology that we rely upon today, walled kitchen gardens were intensive food factories that spearheaded our industrial food system.

KGI is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to celebrate home-grown, home-cooked foods in their many international forms.

National Trust kitchen gardens in the UK.

Web site that is all about French Gardening by an American living in France - covers more than kitchen gardening, but is an excellent place for food growing information and reciepies.



Kitchen Gardens: Beyond the Vegetable Patch. Part of their 21st-Century Gardening Series. Interesting exploration of English and French style kitchen gardens.

In this wonderful celebration of the French kitchen garden, old-fashioned techniques and obscure produce can be rediscovered. An illuminating text by Louisa Jones and brilliant colour photographs by Vincent Motte uncover authentic vegetable patches growing alongside châteaux or abbeys, small family plots, romantic gardens tended by parish priests, gourmet gardens planted by master chefs and lovely ornamental idylls. Books: In the French Kitchen Garden: The Joys of Cultivating a Potager by Georgeanne Brennan,Melissa Sweet

Highlights the classic vegetables of French cuisine, such as endive, leeks, shallots, and celery. Includes growing tips from Georgeanne Brennen and Tom McCombie. Over 90 beautiful color illustrations. One of the several Edible Garden books by Rosalind Creasy.