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Allium Production

This publication discusses varieties, culture, soils and fertility, irrigation, integrated pest management harvest, postharvest, and economics of organic production of onions, shallots and other alliums.



Garlic Production in New Mexico [pdf]

NMSU Cooperative Extension Service

Backyard Gardener - Growing Garlic

The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, Yavapai County, Backyard Gardener

Growing Garlic in the Home Garden

Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet

Growing Garlic

Univ. of Minnesota Extension Service web resource for all things garlic

The Garlic Farm

The Garlic Farm, for garlic, garlic recipes, garlic seed. A commercial garlic farm in the UK.

New York Story: Local Garlic Makes Good

An enthusiasm for local garlic, at every stage of its life cycle, is a staple of restaurant kitchens around New York.

New York Story: Local Garlic -pg2

An enthusiasm for local garlic, at every stage of its life cycle, is a staple of restaurant kitchens around New York.


In The Kitchen

from Garden Web, alliums forum


History of Alliums

Experience life in the 18th century at America's largest outdoor history museum - Colonial Williamsburg - Resources Page


In The Garden

Raising Leeks in Minnesota Gardens

Information of history and garden cultivation - University of Minnesota Extension Service


Harvest leeks now, or plan to sow seeds soon by Kathryn Khosla


Growing, varieties, recipes information

Growing Leeks

Farm & Garden - A Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Living Resource


Leek Production

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food Factsheet - Leeks

large variety of leek seeds

Graines Baumaux French Seed Company

Jaune du Poitou Leeks



Minnesota Dept of Agriculture site with links to Allium information

Leeks - from Garden Secrets Book

scanned from "Garden Secrets -A Guide to Understanding how your garden grows and how you can help it grow even better"

In The Kitchen

Beets with Leeks in Wine An accompaniment nearly any meal

A New Slant on Leeks

Some history and recipes. Leek Champ - "Champ" is one of the best-loved ways of cooking potatoes in Ireland.

Leeks recipes, history, and information for home cooking.

Roman Recipe - Leeks and Celery Sauce A main course very popular with the Romans

BBC - Food - Recipes

32 recipes with leeks from the BBC

Whole Foods Market : Health Info - Leeks

Whole Foods Market® is the world's largest retailer of natural and organic foods, with over 155 stores throughout North America and the United Kingdom

Butter Beans and Braised Leeks

Butter beans recipe with leeks, and other recipes for butter beans. This dish is made with dried butter beans and leeks and garlic and tomatoes.



Sweet, sweet onions! Find sweet onion facts, onion how-to's, sweet onion recipes, sweepstakes and freebies. The Sweet Onion Source - information on the healthy, year round, tearless, fresh sweet onion.

Onions and Related Species

Colorado State University Cooperative Extension Service


Integrated Crop and Pest Management Guidelines for Commercial Vegetable Production 2003 Cornell Cooperative Extension Publication - 2004

Bulb Onion Culture and Management [pdf]

NMSU Cooperative Extension Service

New Mexico Onion Varieties [pdf]

NMSU Cooperative Extension Service

Onion Production and Marketing in New Mexico [pdf]

NMSU Cooperative Extension Service

Onion Cost and Return Estimates [pdf]

NMSU Cooperative Extension Services



Texas A&M article about onions

Growing Onions In The Home Garden

Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet

The bulbous onion and its numerous relatives belong to the Lily family. Some of these alliums are distinctly ornamental; a few others, notably garlic, leek, Welsh onion, and chive, are common vegetables. All of the edible forms have related flavors and odors that are due principally to a volatile, irritating substance.

Harvesting alli-yums gardening article for 7/11/02

University of Illinois Extension Service

Home page with links to pages covering cooking, history,and production

Vegetable garden information from Arizona Cooperative Extension

Extract from "Garden Secrets - A guide to understanding how your garden grows and how to help it grow even better" Dorthy Hinshaw Patent & Diane E. Bilderback - 1982

In The Kitchen

Food Facts & Trivia: Onions

Onions - Food Reference, Culinary and cooking history, trivia, kitchen & cooking tips & facts, recipes, quotes, humor, poetry and culinary crosswords

Onion Recipes

A collection of onion recipes from What's Cooking America


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