Doña Ana Master Gardener Newsletters - 2007-2011


Each month the Doña Ana Master Gardeners produce a newsletter that contains local announcements, master gardener profiles, monthly garden tasks, a calendar of events and a message from the Extension Agent. Each newsletter also contains content articles of interest from the agricultural community at large as well as some articles written by master gardeners.

To assist you in finding things, I have listed the major content articles in each issue.

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Doña Ana County Master Gardener Newsletter Articles


June Plant of the Month - Lady Banks Roses
Ideas: Southwest Desert Gardens
2011 - Year of the Zinnia
Organic Herbicides: Do They Work?
What Kind of Gardener Are You?
Mearn's Quail in New Mexico
Invasive Weeds/Species in New Mexico
Insect Borers of Fruit Trees
Veggies A-Z - Peppers

Plant of the Month - Carolina Jessamine
Fertilization Guide for Roses
Potting Soil Safety
New Mexico Snakes
Gardening Does The Body Good
Landscape Water Conservation: Principles of Xeriscape
Gardening Related How-To Videos - Freeze Damage Plant After-Care

April Plant of the Month - Desert Bird of Paradise Shrubs
Nutrient Deficiency in Roses
UTEP Plant Sale Fungus Gnats & Bounce
Cactus Moth
Rustling Roses
Solid Waste Composts in NM
How to Dig Up - Remove and Destroy Yuccas
Veggies A-Z: Growing Tomatoes in Las Cruces

Plant of the Month - Honey Mesquite
Roses in the Garden and Landscape
Roses: Diseases and Abiotic Disorders
Six Insects That Are Harmful to Vegetable Gardens
Rose Terminology
Herb Drying How To
Veggies A-Z: Carrots
Insect and Bug Database Resources

Plant of the Month - Mexican Elder
Lawn Diseases: Prevention & Management
Lawn Care for Disease Control
Planting Reinder for Edibles
Top Ten Edible Plants
Fertilizing Your Lawn
Spider Mites
How To Fix a Lawn in New Mexico
Weed Watch: Weed Management for Lawns
Aphids: Integrated Pest Managment
Aphids in the Garden
Thrips: Integrated Pest Management
Landscape Pest ID Cards
Natural Pest Management
Veggies A-Z: Spinach
Plant of the Month - Devil's Claw
Tips for Pruning Roses
A Rose Calendar for Las Cruces and El Paso
Gardening With Kids
Mind Blowing Sun Photo
18th Annual High On The Desert Conference
Naga Viper: World's Hottest Chile
NMSU Red Chile Research
Re-Using Plastic Bottles
Storing Pecans & Other Nuts
Weed Watch: Malta & Yellow Starthistle
Controlling Nuisance Birds
Veggies A-Z: Peas

December Plant of the Month - Purslane
Purslane Facts
Purslane Recipe Websites
Pruning/Shearing Christmas Trees
Poinsettias: Year After Year
Buying A Living Christmas Tree
Site Selection and Praparation for Christmas Tree Planting
Seed Propagation of Plants
Starting Plants From Seed
Seed Collecting and Storing
Weed Watch: African Rue
Misteltoe: Untegrated Pest Management
Bolson Tortoise
Veggies A-Z - Lettuce

Plant of the Month - Rainlilies
Mulches for Garden and Landscape
Choosing Organic Matter
Holiday Cacti
Reblooming Christmas & Thanksgiving Cacti
Caring for Plants in the Home
Interior Plants - Selection and Care
Frost Protection
Protecting Potted Plants
Veggies A to Z - Fava Beans

October Plant of the Month - Bigtooth Maple
Big Tooth Maple From a Master Gardener Perspective
Bigtooth Maple Facts
Natural Characteristics
Uses and Management
Landscape Uses
Water Requirements
Care & Pruning
Planting Landscape Trees
Pruning Deciduous Share Trees
Why Topping Hurts Trees
Watering Trees and Shrubs
Eupatorim Greggii Boothill Flower
Why Leaves Turn Color in Fall
Tips for Growing Terrific Tulips
What's A Bulb?
Storing/Preserving Fall Harvest
Weed Watch - Bull & Musk Thistle
Chihauhuan Ravens
Outwitting Backyard Creatures
Veggies A-Z - Garlic

Plant of the Month - Chile Peppers
Chile Pepper Facts
Capsicum Cultivar Types
Chile Pepper Types & Varieties
Common Categories - Chili Peppers
Chile Peppers in Food
Chile Pepper Addiction
Growing Chile Peppers
Chile Terminology
Bhut Jolokia Pepper
Processing Fresh Chile Peppers
Making Ristras and Chile Sauce
Growing Chiles in New Mexico
World's Largest Hailstone
Measuring Chile Pepper Heat
Red Chile & Paprika Production
Increasing Roundup Potency
Natural Insecticides
Weed Control for the Garden
Fish Emulsion
Mesilla Valley Iris Society Sale
Veggies A-Z - Radishes


Plant of the Month - Lavender
Flower Power for Hummingbirds
Attracting Hummingbirds to Yard
17 Hummingbirds Found in the SW
Hummingbird's Nest
Hummingbirds - Jewels of the Bird World
Choosing a Hummingbird Feeder
Recipe for Humming Bird Nectar
Five Common Myths About West Nile Virus
Low Maintenance Garden Tips
Tips for Weed-Free Paths
Living Floral Flag
West Nile Virus: Info for New Mexico
Veggies A-Z - Collards


Plant of the Month - Afghan/Eldarica Pine
You Know You Are Addicted to Gardening When
Great Plants to Attract Butterflies
Southwest Butterfly Species
Tips for Butterfly Gardening
Planning A Butterfly Garden
Landscaping with Desert Willow
"Bandera" Rocky Mountain Penstemon
Safe Exercising in the Garden
New Dwarf Butterfly Bush
Weed Watch - Nutsedge
Veggies A-Z - Beets

June Plant of the Month - Yuccas
Summer Lettuce
Seeing Spots in Your Garden?
Black Widows and Other Widows
Mourning Doves
Weed Watch - Roundup and Resistant Pigweed
Your Own Personal Gardener - Web site
Veggies A-Z - Broccoli

Plant of the Month - Pomegranate Tree
Spices & Herbs in the Home Gardens
Home Vegetable Gardening in New Mexico
Leafcutter Bees
Drought-Tolerant Plants
Blossom-End Rot
New Mexico Chili Seeds in D.C.
Weed Watch - Spotted Spurge
Veggies A-Z - Cauliflower

April Plant of the Month - Native Grasses
Landscaping with Native Grasses
Mulches for Gardens and Landscapes
Plants You Can't Kill
The Roadrunner
Poinsettias: Keepers or Compost
Weed Watch: Dandelions
Veggies A-S - Artichokes

Plant of the Month - Barrel Cactus
How to Propagate Agaves and Cacti From Cutting and Seeds
How to Transplant Cactus
How to Make a Windsock
Coffee Grounds: Will They Perk Up Your Plants
Five Great Climbing Roses
Keep Your Climber Blooming
Juvenile Birds
Weed Watch: Goatheads


Plant of the Month - Hollyhocks
Strategies for the Windy Season
Down and Dirty Composting
Combating Squirrels
Spring Vegetable Planting Schedule
Natural Pest Management
Unethical Native Plant Harvesting

January Plant of the Month - Golden Ball Leadtree
Oleander Leaf Scorch
Citrus Greening Disease
Yucca - NM State Flower
Harry Potter Herbology
Top Ten Roses
New Mexico State Reptile (Whiptail Lizard)


Plant of the Month - Pinyon Pine
Identifying Conifers Quiz
Site Selection and Preparation for Christmas Tree Planting
Buying A Living Christmas Tree
Reblooming Christmas and Thanksgiving Cacti
Tips for Better Garden Soil

November Plant of the Month - Ocotillo
History and Origin of Botanical Names
Verticillium Wilt of Catalpa, Maple and Elm
A Bird's Eye View

Plant of the Month - Mexican Sycamore
All About Pumpkins
Agaves of New Mexico
Five Fall Veggies to Grow in Containers
Rattlesnakes and Mothballs


Plant of the Month - Texas Sage
Garden Photography
Growing Onions in New Mexico
Keeping Rabbits Away
Bordered Patch Butterflies in the Garden

August Plant of the Month - Citrus in New Mexico
No Pests, No Chemicals
Growing Chili Peppers
Pests and Problems of Agave, Aloe, Cactus and Yucca
Death By Mint Oil
Better Bugs & Gardens
July Gardening Tool Basics
Clean Sharp Tools
Blossom End Rot
Pairing Plants
Gardening in Small Spaces
NM Shade Trees
Geranium Problems

Plant of the Month - Bur Oak
Role of Micronutrients
Compost Myths
Causes of Bloosom-End Rot in Tomatoes
Fertilizer Facts
Deadheading Guide
Gardening Tips from Master Gardeners
What is Dew Point
Plants for Windy Conditions

May Plant of the Month - Red Mountain Sage
How Many Veggies
Container Veggies
Leaf Cutter Bees
Summer Lettuce
Drought Tolerant Plants
Plants That Attract Butterflies
Raised Bed Veggie Gardens
April Introducing Weep Acacia
Thrifty Recycling Ideas for the Thrifty Gardener
Gardening on the Cheap: Plant Shopping on a Budget
March Flower Power for Hummingbirds
Poisonous Plants
Water Wise Ideas
January Master Gardener Hotline Training
January is Bareroot Season for Roses and Fruit Trees

December Master Gardener Graduation and Resertification Luncheon
November Master Gardener Profile - Suzi Jones
Article about Jim and Mary Brady
October Dixie's HoneyDos for October

Master Gardener Profile - Ann Fair
Master Gardener Profile - Delfi Mondragon

July Lantanas That Attract the Most Butterflies
Tomatoes Found to Protect Against Sunburn
Sustainable Landscapes
Protect Your Garden From Withering Heat
Charlie's Favorite Organic Pest Controls
Increase Your Homes Value With Landscaping
June Update Your Garden to Reflect You
Master Gardener Profile - Sam and Sandi Resch
Alternative Remedies
Eighty-Two Garden Varieties for Southern New Mexico
Food Varieties for Las Cruces - List
April/May Scientists Turn Cheap Beet Pulp Into Value-Added Plastics Ingredient
Spring Cleaning
Plant List for Moonlight Gardening
Insect Rx
Training A Climbing Rose
Edible of the Month - Eggplant
March All New Prospects for an All Around Spice
Imported Bees Not The Source of Virus Associated With Bee Colony Collapse Disorder
eXtension And eXtension Master Gardeners
Adventrues In Your Own Backyard
Salsa Contest Results

Tropical Traits For Temperate Beans
Veggie Soy Beans About to Get Even Sweeter
Levels of Difficulty Growing Food Plants
Winter Gardening Update

January New Technique Thins Excess Blossoms and Boosts Tree Fruit Size
Orange-Fleshed Honeydews Evaluated
A Tomato In Winter
A Gift That Continues To Give



Autumn King Seedless
Grapes: Big and Luscious
Seeds of Chance: The Selfers and The Outcrossers
Pome, Sweet Pome: Expanding the National Quince Collection
Changes in the Banana Export Business
ARS Seeks Partner for o r New
Environmentally Friendly Fertilizer


Will the Drought Continue?
The Seed Savers Allium Quiz


NMSU Is Home to World's Hottest Chile Pepper
Seed Saving for Allium Growers
New Soil Moisture Sensor Assessed
A Cold Approach to Nematode Egg – Hatch
Radishes Gone Wild!


Fungus Eyed as Stopper of Ash-Killing Beetle
'Lakota' - USDA-Agricultural Research Service-Pecan Breeding Program
Fava Beans, Greens and Other Things


Tips for Greenhouse Growers: Add Silicon
New Lettuces Shrug Off Verticillium Wilt
Possible New Control for Whiteflies Discovered
She Never Fails to Surprise Me!
Drip Irrigated Garden Established at NMSU’s
Los Lunas Agricultural Science Center


Letting Plants ‘Talk’ To You
“Cologne” Attracts Beneficial Lacewings
New Habanero Blasts Taste Buds - And Pepper Pests
Threat to Grapevines and Gardens Now Easier to Pinpoint
Blemishes on the Road to Ripe and Juice


Of Watermelons and Waistlines: New Low-Sugar Varieties from ARS
New Southern Peas Developed By ARS Cooperators
Plum-Pox Resistant Trees Move Forward
Getting to the Roots of Productivity


New Plant Insect Interaction Discovered
Goathead Gold Mine: Noxious Weed Valued By Some as Useful Medicinal Herb
The Kitchen Garden – Revisited
New Online Help for Managing Whiteflies


Socking It to Strawberry Root Rot
New Pheromone Sprayer Leads Amorous Moths Astray
A Thistle in the Garden
Climate Change and Groundwater Recharge
Harvesting Water
Treatment for Mouse-Eared Pecan Trees Now Licensed


Best Wishes for John White
ARS-Studied Gas Helps Apples Stay Crisp
The Winter Garden
Four Benefits of Backyard Composting


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