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Doña Ana County Extension Master Gardeners - 3/2011

The publications listed here are available in Adobe Acrobat format from New Mexico State University College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences - http://www.cahe.nmsu.edu/pubs/_h/ - Each title listed below is linked to the document for your convience.
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General Home Gardening

Publication Title
Home Vegetable Gardening in New Mexico cir457 A complete guide to growing food plants in New Mexico
Growing Zones, Recommended Crop Varieties
for Vegetable Gardens in New Mexico
cir457B A detailed companion to Home Vegetable Gardening in New Mexico
Vegetable Variety Recommendations for New Mexico
Backyard and Market Gardens
CR572 What to plant and number of days to maturity
When to Harvest Vegetables H-216 Concise descriptions of garden varieties at optimum ripeness
Seed Propagation of Plants H-112 How to test, germinate and care for seedlings
Vegetable Crops
Publication Title
Asparagus Production in Home Vegetable Gardens H-244 Optimum growing conditions and proven varieties for New Mexico
Growing Peppers in New Mexico Gardens H-240 Sweet and hot varieties with growing and harvesting instructions
Growing Chiles in New Mexico H-230 Everything you need to know to grow chiles in the home garden
Growing Sweet Corn in Home and Market Gardens H-223 Recommended varieties, planting dates and culture
Specialty Corn H-232 Classification of corn varieties and descriptions of yields and uses
New Mexico Onion Varieties Cir567 Planting and harvest dates for most New Mexico varieties
Bulb Onion Culture and Management Cir563 Complete information for growing bulbing onions
NewMex Sweet Onions H-256 Variety descriptions with seasonal information for southern New Mexico
Garlic Production in New Mexico H-234 Garlic types, growth patterns, culture and harvesting instructions

Fruits, Berries and Nuts

Publication Title
Fruit Species and Varieties for Home Orchards H-310 Covers stone fruits, berries, grapes and nuts
Fruit Trees for the Home Orchard, Varieties and Management Cir523 A definitive publication on how to grow your own fruit
Why Fruit Trees Fail to Bear H-308 Descriptions of age, climate conditions and cultural practices that effect fruit production
Pruning the Home Orchard H-327 How to train and prune fruit trees - with illustrations
Minor Small Fruit Crops for New Mexico Gardens H-326 Tayberry, Currants/Gooseberry, Elderberry and Bush Cherries with growing instructions
Blackberry Production in New Mexico H-325 Covers berry types, planting, training and maintenance
Raspberries of the Home Garden H-320 Covers types of berries, soil preparation, establishment, pruning, training and care
Home Garden Strawberry Production in New Mexico H-324 Covers berry types, transplanting, establishment and care
Growing Grapes in New Mexico Cir483 Grape varieties, planting, pruning, training and care
Grape Cultivars for North-Central New Mexico H-309 Describes types of grapes along with cultivar descriptions
Improving Size and Quality of Seedless Grapes H-311 Covers pruning, cluster and berry thinning and girdling techniques
Pruning Grapes to the Four-Arm Kniffn System H-303 Describes the pruning sequence - includes diagrams
Spices and Herbs
Publication Title
Spices and Herbs for the Home Garden H-221 Instructions for growing and using common herbs and spices
Compost - Mulch - Fertilizer
Publication Title
Choosing Organic Matter for the Home Garden H-108 Nutrient values and uses of common organic materials used in gardening
Backyard Composting H-110 Defines composting, explains the process and provides how-to instructions
Determining Amounts of Fertilizer for Small Areas H-119 Charts with amounts of fertilizers for different planting layouts
Home and Market Garden Fertilization H-120 Amounts of fertilizers for individual crops and organic equivalents
A Sustainable Approach to Recycling Urban and Agricultural Organic Wastes H-159 Describes wastes in general including processing for backyard, commercial and municipal processes
Description and Uses of Municipal Waste Composts in New Mexico Circ562 Characteristics, analysis and uses of yard waste and biosolids
Vermicomposting H-164 Instructions for establishing and maintaining a vermicomposting system
Plant Diseases and Pests
Publication Title
Curly Top Virus H-106 Causes, common hosts, symptoms, transmission and management
Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus H-242 Disease description and management
Anthracnos of Cucurbits H-247 Descriptions of the disease, symptoms, causes and management
Powdery Mildew on Chile Peppers H-248 Covers hosts, signs, symptoms and causes of the disease
Verticillium Wilt of Chile Peppers H-250 Covers hosts, signs, symptoms and causes of the disease
Chile Pepper Disorders Caused by Environmental
H-249 Problems and conditions common both in the field and home garden
Organic Gardening - Natural Insecticides H-150 Descriptions and uses of organic insecticides
Coping with Deer in Suburban Gardens H-222 Covers the use of barriers and repellents
Seasonal Extension
Publication Title
Row Cover Vegetable Production Techniques H-251 Reasons to utilize covers and methods of protecting crops
Hoop House Construction for New Mexico CR606 How to, where to and construction methods
Starting Plants Early Outdoors H-220 Methods of protecting garden plants from cold temperatures and how to create warm mico-environments
Greenhouse Vegetable Production Cir556 Description of greenhouse construction and how to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and other greenhouse crops