"To eat is a necessity, to eat intelligently is an art,
but to eat locally is both a necessity and an art"



- darrol


Here you can explore and assemble a network of places where food is grown, raised or made within a 120 miles of Las Cruces or within New Mexico.

Why should I, you may ask yourself? The answer to that question can be long and complicated, revealing most of the failures of our current food and food supply system, or it can be short and clear. I prefer short - so, food grown within 120 miles travels far fewer miles, spends fewer days in storage (losing nutrients), has less pesticide on it, requires much less oil to grow, process and transport and does far less damage to the ecosystem. A perfect example of "less is more".

If you wish to know more about the true costs and damages of our global industrial corporate food system and why we need to make a cooperative effort to "bring it home", then begin with the section on "Knowing it". If you want to locate places to purchase locally grown and processed food, then start with the "Finding It" section. Your interested in growing your own can be explored in the "Growing It" section and "Cooking It" is self explanatory.

I encourage you to spend some time learning at least the basic concepts in the "Knowing It" section - they will encourage you in the difficult task of taking back your own food supply and in discussing that journey with family and friends. It takes a collective community effort to create a just, healthy, secure and nutritious food system and every step you take adds to the likelihood of success for both yourself and your community.

Making this local food website a useful tool to the community requires your participation - use it and add your knowledge to it, so others can know.

Thank you for your interest and best wishes on your journey.
If you know of local food resources not included here, please
let let me know
about them.


Darrol Shillingburg

"The best food is closest to home"


This section is a work in progress


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