Local Food Systems Resources and Information


New Mexico - Local Food System - pdf format

UNM Sustainability Studies Program - FoodShed Alliance

La Montanita Coop - Co-op Trade Initiative

• Sustainable Sustenance -Building a Regional Food-Shed (pdf)

Southwest Marketing Network

California Sustainable Food System

Marin Food Systems Project - Environmental Education Council of Marin

The Vivid Picture Project - Envisioning a Sustainable Food System in California

UC Davis: Agricultural Sustainability Institute

The Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems UC Santa Cruz, CA

What Do People Want to Know About Their Food?, (pdf) The CENTER for AGROECOLOGY & SUSTAINABLE FOOD SYSTEMS - A survey with some surprise answers from the public.

Illinois - Local Food System

Food Systems — ASAP - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

• Univ of Illinois - Why Buy Local PowerPoint Presentation (ppi - requires Power Point Reader - free)

Central Illinois Local Food System Project Results-suppliment (pdf)

Beyond the Farmers Market (pdf)

Michigan - Community Food System

Lessening the Distance from Farm to Fork - Michigan Community Food System Initiative - Final Report (pdf)

The C.S. Mott Group for Sustainable Agriculture - Michigan State University

University of Washington Food System (pdf)

Economic Analysis of Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems - Mich State Univ

Life Cycle-Based Sustainability Indicators for Assessment of the U.S. Food System (pdf)

Montana - Regional Food System

GrowMontana - Home Page

• Montana Food System Power Point (ppi - requires Power Point Reader - free)

GrowMontana Food System FactSheet (pdf)

Building a Better Food System - A Case Study of Western Montana Growers Cooperative (pdf)

Designing a Sustainable Regional Diet (pdf) - Dept. Home Econ., Univ of Montana

Washington State - Local and Statewide Food Systems

Growing Washington - Multifaceted programs to support local food system state wide

University of Washington Food System Working Group - Resource and information clearing house

Neighborhood Food Sysetm Assessment Report - Univ of Washington (pdf)

Growing A Community Food System (pdf) - A complete guide to growing a food system in your community - Steve Garrett, Extension Faculity, Washington State University


Sustainability Alliance of Southwest Colorado - Associated with Southwest Marketing Network

• CultivatingTheWeb - High Tech Tools for a Sustainable Food System (pdf)

National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service - Local Food Directories

Courses of Action for Municipal Policies on Urban Agriculture (pdf)

Sustainable Table: The Issues: Buy Local

Local Harvest - Farmers Markets - Family Farms - CSA -Organic Food

Growing the Local Food Movement - World Hunger Year

Declaration for Healthy Food and Agriculture - Roots of Change

Slow Food Nation - Food for Thought

Food Alliance - sustainable agricultural and food handling practices

Buy Fresh Buy Local

Rodale Institute, Leaders in Organic Solutions for Global Warming, Famine Prevention, and Nutrition

Food Democracy - Nourishing a Fundamental Freedom (pdf)

• Oklahoma Food Cooperative

Kansas City Food Circle

Food Circles Networking Project - Univ of Missouri Extension

From the Ground Up! - Growing Your Community Food System - Training Workshops

Farm To Table

W.W. Kellogg Foundation: How to Talk Food Systems

Local Preference - Local foods, locally-made goods, local banking, local investing, local energy

Real Food Challenge - site up in October 2008

Local Foods Connection

Farmfoody.org - Connecting You to farm and garden.

Community Based Food Systems Enterprises (pdf) - Kellogg Foundation Food for Thought series