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Planting Reminder for Edibles - February 2011

February is a major planting month for edibles. The following list is a reminder, for more details consult:

Annual Planting Chart

Growing Zones, Recommended Crop Varieties and Planting and Harvesting Information for Home Vegetable Gardens in New Mexico

Twenty-Three Food Plants to Start in February

Edibles to Plant in February

Artichokes – from transplants
Asparagus – from crowns
Fava Beans - direct
Beet - direct
Broccoli – from seedlings (for the adventurous)
Cabbage – not Chinese
Carrots - direct
Chard – direct and as transplants
Collards – direct and as transplants
Corn Salad - direct
Kale - direct
Leeks (indoors or pre-germinated)
Lettuce – direct of as transplants
Mustards – direct seeding
Onions – seed/transplants/sets
Parsley – direct
Parsnips - direct
Peas - direct
Potatoes – early varieties
Radish - direct
Rutabaga - direct
Shallots - direct
Spinach – winter varieties
Tomatoes – indoors for seedlings only
Turnips – direct

Other useful articles for early crops:

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Beets – Veggies A-Z MG July 2010 Newsletter, Pg. 19
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Peas (this website)
Radishes (this website)
Spinach (this website)

Good Gardening and Good Eating

Darrol Shillingburg
Doña Ana Extension Master Gardener
February 2011

Good Gardening and Good Eating,

Darrol Shillingburg
Doña Ana Extension Master Gardener
February 2011


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