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Digital Painting
1024 x 768

Stage Three - completed painting

The integration of two expressive forms of dialogue - codified text (writing) and personal expressive geometry into a unified painting.

Felt Sense - satisfaction, wholeness and completeness

About the painting: Started on the iPad using Artrage3 software. Completed on the laptop with a wacom tablet using Artrage Studio Pro and Sketchbook Pro software applications.

Sequential Stages of the Painting

Stage One

The essential energetic wave form is a personal geometry and internal form of expression that has been present and consistent since my first sensory drawing experiences in the early 1980s. Here, that form is underlain with a glyphic script that symbolizes a written text or codified form of communications. The "white writing" or scribble integrates the two expressive formats.

Felt Sense - feeling wave like, light and airy with a sense of the familiar



wave painting stage 1 image

Stage Two

The form is filled, grounded and integrated - given an earthly presence, perhaps an existance beyond the abstract - indicating the representational.

The blue field of the codified text is also the field that fills the geometric expression (text).

Felt Sense - deep satisfaction, joy a sense of completion, wholeness

wave painting stage 2 image