Transition Grid

Acrylic on Canvas
24" x 36"

Transition Grid is as much a metaphor as it is a painting, a metaphor about our conscious awareness of the wholeness that we are.

We limit ourselves to a fairly narrow band of awareness, apparently by necessity or for comfort until ready or forced into an expansion. Movement into our largeness appears to be directional - into the "higher or lower" self.

Movement toward the "higher" self reveals the existence of the puzzle qualities of life which becomes less solidified and more amorphous farther from our accustomed "band of consciousness"

Movement toward the "lower" self reveals a denser, darker realm that eventually disappears - into the "higher" self.

Does it really matter which way we expand? I think not, if we take it far enough to reveal our whole self and not remain stuck somewhere in the instructional duality of our lightness and darkness.

Transition Grid painting


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