Digital Painting
1024 x 768

Stage Four - completed painting

Painting the lighter energies into the symbol of self. Integrating the whole into oneness. The structures that had previously been isolating are now integrated in to a wholeness, connecting to the energetic world that supports, energizes and fulfills me

Felt Sense - Joyfulness and integration - no longer isolated. The feelings of separation are resolved.

About the painting: Started on the iPad using Artrage3 software. Completed on the laptop with a wacom tablet using Artrage Studio Pro and Sketchbook Pro software applications

Sequential Stages of the Painting

Stage One

Painting the boundaries, the walls that boxed me in separating me from others. The circle is the center is me isolated from the energy without, from the living energy

Felt Sense - Isolation and sadness

Stage Two

Bring the energy that is outside closer, surrounding me

Felt Sense - Comforted, supported and isolated. Still apart from.

Stage Three

Bringing in the lighter brighter energy adding depth joy and spirit to the outside energy. Passing the boundaries into self.

Felt Sense - Connection, comfort, relief - a certain joy at being included