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Split Stone
rock, sculpey, acrylic paint
2" tall

While wandering about "stone gazing" I discovered that some of them split apart and the parts remain in proximity to each other. I would sometimes locate the missing sections within a 10 ft. diameter and reunite them after enough years of isolation and ware that they were no longer a perfect fit.

Occasionally I could see some whole shape for the stone even though parts were missing, and decided to restore the missing sections. Making stones whole again became a metaphor for something that to this day defies translation into words.

I found the three center sections of this stone on a desert ridge line above Elephant Butte Reservoir. The top and bottom sections are "restored" with baked Sculpey clay and the three sections painted to match.

If you ask me what it means, I won't be able to tell you. Not because its a secret. I just don't know, but I am still pondering.

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