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Ritual Stone Set
hand built ceramics
4 pieces - 5" tall - 10" wide

The use of stones in rituals is an ancient practice in many cultures around the world.

They are a part of my art as well as my personal earth rituals. This set of ceramic ritual stones is the most elaborate that I have made. Each stone in the set was formed with slabs of clay pressed into a six piece plaster mould made from the found stone.

I found all four stones fractured from the same parent stone and still aligned in the order shown here. Two of the ceramic stones have compartments in the top and bottom, one of which conceals a small ritual sculpture.

The geometric patterns are carved into the leather hard clay and colored with clay slips. The white bands are inlays into the clay body.

“Exploring Rituals and Stones”

Darrol Shillingburg

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