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Digital Painting
1024 x 768

Stage Five - completed painting

Completing the landscape and grounding the drawing sequence in Art.

Adding space below the expanded channel that grounds it in a reality - grounds it in the earth and completes the process.

Felt Sense - Completion and Satisfaction

The painting was done entirely on an iPad using Artrage software, fingers and a stylus,

Sequential Stages of the Painting

Stage One

The blue line of life wandering through the alignment channel filled with "grey matter". The life channel is constricted at both ends with some openness in the central part.

Felt Sense - Some aspects of my present life are constricting me, confining my creativity, holding me in a world of "grey matter".

Too much of the mind, not enough of the spirit and intuition, not enough of the “discovering” and “knowing” parts of self.

realigning Image 1

Stage Two

Adding some space that is colorful, more fiery. Adding space below the channel to explore.

Felt Sense - Some openness, some hope for more, something to integrate, some place to explore.

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Stage Three

Breaking the boundaries with energetic lines, scrumbling the borders and spaces to integrate the old and expanded life channels.

Felt Sense - Relief and release for the restriction. A sense of pondering and revelation of the subtle messages and meaning revealed in the drawing process.

realigning Image 3

Stage Four

Adding space above the channel to explore and revealing context for new explorations. Space suggesting air or the spirit of air also places the channel drawing in a context of landscape - natural and interior landscapes.

Felt Sense - Wonderment at the gifts and wisdoms of the inner selves

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