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Politics of Scale
hand built ceramics
3 pieces - 12" tall

The vessel sculpture Politics of Scale address the complexities of the masculine/feminine relationship from the perspective of cultural and interpersonal postures.

The "vessel" parts of the sculpture represents the feminine principles - receptive, surrounding, containing. The stylized "figure" parts represent the masculine principle. The dialogue of the "heads" when driven by social rank and cultural requirements rather than our whole masculine nature, is ultimately responsible for disharmonies within the person, within the gender balance and within the social fabric. It today's culturally stylized gender dance, social politics confuses instincts and scale becomes "power over" rather than "power to" nurture, balance and integrate.

Thus the vast creative, nurturing and regenerative capacity of the masculine is sacrificed at the altar of personal political power, rather than working in feminine union to create balance, harmony and community. and the sacred, mysterious power of the feminine lies sacrificed on the altar of the masculine imperative.

Politics of Scale image


“Exploring the tyranny of testosterone”

Darrol Shillingburg

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