Digital Painting
1024 x 768

Stage Four - completed painting

Defining the upper field - the region above. The space of exploration and discovery - the source. Connecting the pathway to the source - pervious, vaporous connection through the visions of knowing, drawing and dreaming.

Felt Sense - Completion and reassurance - acceptance

About the painting: Started on the iPad using Artrage3 software. Completed on the laptop with a wacom tablet using Artrage Studio Pro and Sketchbook Pro software applications

Sequential Stages of the Painting

Stage One

Two parallel dark lines drawn across the empty field followed by a contained channel that is slowly filled with “activity”

Felt Sense - The channel is directing not confining, it is informing and waiting for context in space

At peace with the message - communication halted temporarily.

pathway first painting

Stage Two

Two fields, above and below - earth and sky or within and without. The channel lies comfortably in between - connecting, not dividing

Felt Sense - A sense of having a right place to be - a perfect fit for me - a place to be and to expand

At peace with the message - communication halted temporarily - again.

pathway second painting

Stage Three

Defining the lower field, creating a solid foundation on which the pathway rests. The life journey taken thus far is the foundation for the remaining explorations.

Felt Sense - Satisfaction with the foundation - expansiveness of above welcomed - excitement and contentment.

pathway third painting