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Trio Of Selves Searching

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Finding My Way

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Each piece (drawing/painting) is an exploration or inquiry based on feelings or emotional states. Each piece tells a story, revealing or resolving something. Each piece is an inner and outer dialogue with the parts of myself - some more accessible and engaging than others.

Each is done as a series of sequential events that can be captured as the process progresses. Each stage is taken back into my self - sometimes by "seeing or hearing" the image, sometimes by "dancing" the image into a new felt sense or energetic state. Most are done over a period of several days, although there can be longer time gaps between physical work. Those time gaps allow insights and understandings to take form, or allow resolution of issues within the unconscious. Sometimes the resolve comes immediately during the working process or as a result of mediations or dreams. Sometimes, I'm just caught off guard at unexpected moments.

Each painting is a journey into the unknown, a departure from safety into the expression of what I am internally experiencing - a risk. Each painting is like finding my way in the dark, having only a felt sense for guidance. Searching, trusting and neutrality are required. Judgment must be suspended and self acceptance total. Each painting is a reflection of my inner life - an "Innerscape". Hopefully, some will lead to larger insights about life or even universal truths.

My "Innerscape" paintings are done entirely digitally using both an iPad and a laptop computer. All are done using Artrage Pro and Sketchbook Pro software applications. None have been printed or worked on with physical media. They are created digitally and have only a digital existence.

This current series of "Innerscapes" is a continuation of the explorations that I began in sensory awareness and drawing during workshops that I took in the early 1980s lead by Connie Smith Siegel. What I discovered under her guidance remained steady and true and immediately available once I refocused my attention to those processes. All the drawings and paintings done in those workshops used physical media - charcoal and pastels. It is easier to awaken and develop your sensory awareness with physical media, but once awakened the work can be done digitally.

To discover more about her work and processes, read and practice from her wonderful book "Spirit of Drawing - A Sensory Mediation Guide to Creative Expression"






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