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The Journey

For most of my life art has been a valuable portal of exploration and medium of expression. I have pursued it in many forms, some formal, some institutional and some idiosyncratic. Whether as a realist landscape or abstract painting, a ceramic or mixed media sculpture, a sketch or a painted stone I have always strived to discover and communicate those personal insights that have universal meaning and value. Sometimes I have succeeded, sometimes not - but the search continues - always

The Discovery

The root of all art is ritual. And regardless of how far we have advanced from the caves of our ancestry with their paintings and figures and other ritual tools of the shamans' world, we cannot escape the deep roots of our artistic heritage.

The relationship between the shaman and the artist and the communities in which they participate and serve are ancient and complex, subtle and profound. In these times of esthetic abstraction and sophistication the role of artist as shaman is often obscured by the arcane language and social cacophony built into the perceptual lens of our culture.

But the artists know what they are doing. They know the terrain of their journey and the language of their dialogue. Because this visual language of art is far more subtle and complex than the written glyphs of our times, attempts to state art in words must of necessity be an approximation and may easily become arcane, misleading and self-serving. However, a few artists have been articulate at translating their art into the written word, and some students of the arts have written clear and eloquent statements about the shamanic and spiritual nature of art.

I have included here references to two publications that I have found to be clear, provocative and enlightening statements about the relationships of artists to their art, to the societies in which they create and to their ancient roots both cultural and natural.

Seeing through this lens may challenge your present view of art, it's role in our society and in your daily life. Hopefully, it will remove art from the provenance of the priesthood of contemporary artist and return it as a spiritual, ritual and creative part of your daily life.

If you have comments about the work or the words that you see here, or the web site or if you would like to inquire about purchasing art work, please feel free to contact me.

Your comments are welcomed.
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 References for further reading

"An Art of Our Own - The Spiritual in Twentieth Century Art"; Roger Lipsey, Published by Shambhala Publications, Inc. Boston MA 1988

"Dreaming With Eyes Open - The Shamanic Spirit in Twentieth Century Art and Culture"; Michael Tucker, Published by Aquarian/Harper, San Francisco 1992

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