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Duality Stone
rock, acrylic paint
1-1/2" tall

This small stone with no outstanding qualities captured my interest out in the desert amongst a whole field of stones. I kept it around camp, wondering why, and one day got the urge to paint on it. Painting with no particular plan or outcome in mind, lead me to a startling discovery.

The act of painting was a sort of dialogue with nature in the form of the stone. From that dialogue I had an AHA! and an insight into the nature and purpose of duality - thus the name Duality Stone.

The stone is painted with a base coat and two colors of lines over the top of it. When you look at the back side of the stone, you can distinctly see the two colors of lines and you can also see the stone showing through the gap in the coating.

Dualism - the doctrine that there are two mutually antagonistic principles in the universe - such as good and evil, physical and spiritual, etc. . . .

We live somewhere in between the extremes of any dualism, in the difficult to recognize mixture. And yet, we are not the dualism, we only live in it.

Duality is an instructional devise surrounding the wholeness that we are and the extremes reveal the nature of the matrix in between.

Duality Stone image

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