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Council of Stones
hand built ceramic
multiple pieces
24" across

Council of Stones reminds us of the wisdom of sitting in council with the seen and the unseen in nature and with the nature of each other. For when we consider ourselves different from and in control of nature, we are at greatest risk of being removed from our awareness of the sacredness of nature and ourselves.

Even as each of us is a recognizable individual, we are also a common form, a collective convention that adheres to the perimeters of our nature. At the same time we are star dust; we are of the same origin as the stones that surround us. Thus our heads (our perceptions) are "stone" - not as in hard headed, but as in whole headed.

In our gender we are different in form, yet we are of the same material and of similar characteristics in the way we cloak the form. Yet when we sit in council with the stone of our origin (nature), we are all connected within a related geometry. A geometry woven in nature, and modified to guide our daily acts of creation. Thus, the more removed our council is from nature the more aberrant becomes our geometrical structure and thus our daily creative activities.

Council of Stones image

not available for sale

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