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cluckerphucker Paimting


Digital Painting
1024 x 768
  I learned a lot from him, just by watching. He was suppose to be a laying hen and as a chick looked just like the hens, but that changed quickly. We decided not to eat him and let him become a rooster. It started out manageable, but eventually changed.

Watching that change and being responsible for his death, I realized that he deserved a tribute to his nature, to his essence.

I felt badly slitting his throat that afternoon in the garden over his grave. If he had only been content with raping the hens and left Kelley alone - but no he had to dominate her also. After a couple of attacks that left scratches and scars, I ended the struggle for them.

He was all rooster, true to his nature, attacking anything that got within the boundries of his harem. Without hesitation, without concern for his own safety, without regards for the eventual outcome, he was all ROOSTER.

In life his eyes were smaller and less human, but I see him differently now.

About the painting: The paint was done on a laptop using SketchBook Pro software and a Wacom Tablet.