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My abstract paintings are done entirely in the studio - although much of the inquiry and inspiration are born in nature. As a way of exploring a deeper inquiry into landscape, I began (a couple of years ago), experimenting with painting on a grid, a physical three dimensional grid of string gessoed onto stretched canvas.

The idea evolved from a desire to incorporate a geometry into my landscape paintings - but to do it "differently". Not as "painted geometry", but as something physical that would change with the "light", something that would mimic the subtly of my visual perception of nature.

Something happened during those years of plein air painting - looking intensely at the landscape and at the painted illusion of the landscape. Perhaps I discovered "seeing". So now the expression is more about light and structure and perception and seeing than about the beauty and the forms of nature.

Because it is dimensional and layered, each "painted space" responds to the light around it- the direction of it, the intensity of it, the color of it and the movement of it. The painting is always the same, but never exactly the same - like nature, from moment to moment it changes.

There may not be enough "picture" to satisfy you - not enough recognizable form that you can identify. I have done that on purpose - no instant gratification, or recognition. No way to "classify it" and move on to what's next. Each "painted space" requires your time and attention. It requires inquiry and listening, openness and neutrality, perhaps even "boredom". It may require more participation than interests you.

Most people who see the paintings wonder what they are about, but find not enough to hold on to. I tell them, "the paintings are about the subtleness of light in space and its effects on seeing and feeling". They are paintings, not pictures. Each painting is a different inquiry, a different experiment with paint, light and perception.

If you would like to know more - I have written some thoughts about each painting so the exploration can continue. I hope you find them thought provoking and even memorable.


Artist Statement - print version





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