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River Stone

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Duality Stone

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Ceramic Stones

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My relationship with stones began while I was traveling and painting landscapes in the desert. I began to "notice" stones lying around on the ground. These ordinary rocks seemed to hold as much fascination as vistas and mountains and clouds and light and space. Soon I was carrying them around with me, taking them back to camp and living with them and listening. Wasn't long before I was painting on them - much to my surprise. I had no use for painted rock doorstops or paperweights: this was something else. Something entirely new to me and something that would take me into explorations of ritual and metaphor.

From painting on found stones I naturally evolved into wanting to make my own "stones" and began experimenting with found clay and stone casting. Cast stones and clay carried me into a study of ceramics and inlaying and carving and firing. The stones, both natures and mine, seemed to have a ritual as well as metaphoric quality about them.

The fired ceramic stones quickly became shrines, often associated with mystical animal and designed for personal rituals. The influence of shamanic initiations and rituals in Peru and the American Southwest effected my creative efforts and my attunement with nature effected my personal shamanic practices.

Until recently I shied away from painting directly on found stone and worked exclusively with ceramic stones that I cast, modeled, carved, slip painted and fired. Recently I have returned to working directly with found stones - incorporating both sculptural and painted elements.




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