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My sculptures are created as metaphors not objects. They are a language more adept than words more fascicle than paintings. A language so complex that it defies reduction to words. A language learned and used, but never mastered.

I didn't intend to be a sculptor; it just crept up on me. It began while I was traveling and painting landscapes in the desert. After a couple of years of painting everyday I began to "notice" the stones lying around on the ground. These ordinary rocks seemed to hold as much fascination as vistas and mountains and clouds and light and space. Soon I was carrying them around with me, taking them back to camp and living with them and listening. Wasn't long before I was painting on them - much to my surprise. I had no use for painted rock doorstops or paperweights: this was something else. Something entirely new to me.

This discovery and exploration of the three dimensional language of metaphor has taken me down many avenues of inquiry. Some of them are shown here. Since its a metaphorical language everyone can have an individual, valid and valuable dialogue with the sculptures. I will provide my own intentional meanings. Your own are yet to be revealed.



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