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Desert Wash

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Golden Wash

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My landscapes are painted plein air -- outside, direct, under the full impress of the elements. Some days its folly, some days its pure bliss.
Each painting requires a few days of direct painting before I have enough of the "place" captured. I paint for about two hours at a site and return at the same time each day. If the light changes greatly from the day before, I wait.

All of the landscape paintings are done in acrylics on linen canvas. Later the paintings are completed in the studio from memory and sketches.

Each painting is a journey into the unknown, a departure from safety into the expression of what I am experiencing. In short, a risk.



“The landscape is a collusion of mind
and eye creatively blending two
perceptual realities into a
personal sense of place.”

Darrol Shillingburg


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