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This the place where you can explore my art and gardens and life philosophy. Stuff is organized in several sections:

Art Web - about my art, past and present.
Garden Web - about gardening and food
Garden Talks - slides and info about my gardening presentations
Master Gardener - monthly articles, newsletters and information
Museum Matters - about my career in museum work
Photo Album - a mixture of nature, garden and family pictures.
Garden Photographs - selected images from the garden

As life is a work in progress, so is this web site. Please return for more and refer it to a friend - there will always be something new or unseen.

If it works let me know. If its broken let me know. I'd like to hear from you.

Stay creative and thanks for visiting!


Grow your own - it's good for you and the earth!

Porous Clay Capsule Irrigation Page - link

MG Demonstration Garden Page - link


What's New?


Leeks are an easily grown cool season member of the onion family that produces quite well in Las Cruces soils and climate. . . . . more

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© A note about the words, images, video and media on this web site - they are all mine. If you find something that you would like to use for noncommercial purposes, please contact me first.

I appreciate your respect for my
intellectual and artistic creations.

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